Uncommon Tours
making common the unknown

About Uncommon Tours

A couple of years ago some colleague friends and I were having dinner in London, during the WTM, and, once again, started to talk about the problems that many operators in the world find when trying to hire services in Spain adapted to their local marketsĀ“ needs, and the requests of their particular clients.

The fragmentation of the Spanish offer adapted to the non Hispanic markets and for the out of the beaten track services hampers the work of those agents, and rises the final price.

As it happened in many other times, we ended up`talking about how good it would be having a real Spanish operator focused on the non Spanish speaking markets, agglutinating different tours and services, and getting back the space occupied by foreign operators, with a lower acknowledge of our beautiful country.

That was when the idea of Uncommontours was born; today this idea has become real: a tour operator, really a union of professionals specializing in very different tours and activities, all of them carried out with the acknowledge and love for their country of locals, and the excellence required by the most demanding clients. All of this, despite what you may think at first, is not as common as should be.